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Cooling Plate CPB-2D

  • Large cooling area, up to 126 wax blocks/cassettes
  • Wheels with locking function
  • Easy to move between workplaces
  • Two persons can share
  • Saves table space; store under the work table, lower noise
  • Continous adjustable temperature, down to -15°C
  • Special height possible (65-85cm)


The mobile Cooling Plate CPB-2D is made for cooling and storage of embedded specimens blocks during preparation and sectioning. The Cooling Plate is equipped with wheels, for moving around to where it is needed. The wheels have breaks to stay firm in place.

The CPB-2 can be ordered to your specific height: for example to fit under the working table,   roll under the table when the work is done and save space. Another example is to order the same height as the working table, adding work area. The CPB-2 contains a complete cooling system with compressor, adjustable temperature regulator, digital thermometer and fan.

Mains power:                          220-240 VAC 50-60Hz
Power consumption:               250W
Temperature range at room temperature +20°C:  adjustable from +5°C to -15°C
Dimensions (WxDxH):              456x436x600mm (standard height)
Dimensions work area (WxD):  400 mm x 380 mm
Weight:                                    23 kg