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Advantages compared with removing 

the wax block for re-cooling and then install again 

  1. Saves time, no re-installment on the microtome
  2. Saves biological material, no need to re-direct the sample
  3. No risk of damaging the fragile tissue surface
  4. Re-hydration is quick and easy, just breathe on the KUNZ-CP-10/CP-11, or let it stand in some ice-water.

Recommended routine:


a)  First place some wax blocks and the KUNZ CP-10/CP-11 on a cold plate or ice for at least 10 min.
b)  Install one block on the microtome and do the trimming

c)  Use KUNZ CP-10/CP-11 and cool the block for 10 sec. Return the KUNZ CP-10/CP-11 to the cold plate. (It is ready again          after 1 min.)
d)  Do the section cut. For several section layers: repeat steps c → d.

e)  Install next block for trimming

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