205200 HIS-2D, Histo bath square 205200 HIS-2D, Histo bath square

Histo bath, HIS-2D

  • LED-light in the water: gives excellent visibility
  • Low weight only 1,5kg: easy to empty the water
  • Unique small width only 230mm: saves working space
  • Extra water depth 60mm: for super mega slides
  • 2x warm areas: for drying up to 18 slides
  • Easy to use: digital touch control

The square Histo bath HIS-2D is designed to efficiently remove wrinkles and distortions in paraffin wax sections, after the sectioning work.

A LED-light under the water surface gives excellent visibilty and contrast. The quality of the section cut is easier to see. Dust and dirt on the water surface shows much better. The bright light is positioned to shine away from the user and improves the visibility of the floating sections.

The unit is ergonomicaly desiged for comfortable work. The low weight and small outer  dimensions makes it easy to daily empty and change the water. The small footprint saves space on the working table. The low profile gives good ergonomic conditions, good view and safe handling of the sections. At the front and back of the unit are warm areas for drying up to 18 slides.

An optional lid (art no. 200073) is available to cover the water. It prevents evaporation and dust contamination when the unit is not in use. It also makes it easier to carry the unit when emptying the water.

Mains power:              220-240VAC 50-60Hz
Power consumption:   260W
Temperature range:    +20 to +80°C
Temp. accuracy:         ± 1°C
Water volume:            2,1L
Internal dimensions:   W:204 x D:170, Depth: 67mm
External dimensions:  W:230 x D:290, Height: 84mm
Weight:                      1,5kg