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The KUNZ CP-10/CP-11 has been developed together with leading hospital laboratories. The result is an innovative product, easy to use and improving the daily work.


A soft and friendly grip holds the micro cooling plate.





The cold temperature is stored by a

special metal alloy with a stabilized surface.


Advantages compared with holding ice with the hands

  1. A dry warm grip instead of holding wet and cold ice
  2. Saves time, no need to freeze ice and to move ice/melted water
  3. A flat cooling surface instead of a rounded surface
  4. No melted water around the working area
  5. Can deliver a dry cooling surface without adding water to the sample
  6. A grip that is soft and ergonomic, works both for left and right hand
  7. Will stand firm on a sliding microtome, where ice will drop off
  8. Safety, the fingers as away from the knife, holding ice could be dangerously close.



Advantages compared with cryospray

  1. No pollution of the air
  2. An even and controlled cooling compared to a short intense burst
  3. No cost after initial purchase


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